Wharf Street

Wharf Street

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Once upon a time a traveller named “Talent”

embarked a journey to find solace

A place to explore, live, and work with his choice, while contributing towards society

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who we are

Wharf street studios is an animation studio providing Design and Development services. Our team excels at providing a full spectrum of services that are Game Design & Development, 2D & 3D Animation, Motion Graphic video, 3D Modeling, AR & VR Applications, Projection Mapping, and Architectural Walkthrough.

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our Products
Epiko Regal Tower Defence Game
Epiko Market NFT Marketplace
Epikoverse Coming Soon..

We have expertise in developing interactive PC and Mobile games. Complying with your requirements, our team of game developers can successfully complete your Game Design and Development Project in the given time frame.

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2D Game

We offer 2D game design and development which are highly engaging, cost-effective, easy to create and can be optimized on various platforms.

3D Game

We have a team of unity game designers and developers who can build a 3D game with a rich visual environment, advanced controls, and movement as per your project requirements.

UI and UX Design

We focus on developing the best game user experience, and user interface with responsive designs that are engaging and relevant to the project.

Our team of designers has expertise in 3D and 2D animation services to complete projects in the best way possible. With creative and strategic procedures we develop designs with excellent motion-capture animation.

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2D Animation

We have expertise in completing 2D animation projects like 2D characters, website designs, logo development, 2D environments, e-learning courses, and more with a perfect balance of visuals and audio.

3D Animation

With the right mix of creative and strategic thinking we create amazing 3D animation characters, objects, environment, video, etc. to complete a project with the best 3D services.

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services to communicate your brand/ project to the audience. With a perfect blend of visual hierarchy and page layout techniques we develop graphics/ illustrations by using high-quality images, typography to display elements in interactive design, and optimize the user experience.

Motion graphic videos are the best way to tell great stories, communicate, and engage with your audience. Our concepts and graphics animation gives our clients the most powerful visual experience to convey their brand’s message with a highly engaging video.

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Explainer Videos

Our motion graphic artist converts your complex idea into an easy to understand motion video with amazing after-effects.

Animated Videos

Videos with a different style of animation have the power of telling a story. Conceptualizing and developing different characters for videos is one of our fortes.

Educational Videos

We specialize in making videos for courses, lessons, instructions, and more with a balanced combination of visuals and audio.

Product Videos

Videos are the best way to launch a product and explain its features to the audience. With our fluent motion graphics, we help you gain the trust of your viewers.

Social Media Videos

For a social media platform, short videos are better. We have expertise in making short but meaningful videos filled with entertainment to fulfill your purpose.

With our 3D Modelling services we make an outstanding game, characters, comics, stories, and more. We pioneer in the market to give high-quality and cost-effective 3D designs, modeling, and rendering services.

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Organic 3D Modelling

Give life to your characters where we design and develop high quality living affects such as humans and animals for your project with our 3D Modelling services.

Hard Surface 3D Modelling

We design and develop environments, inorganic objects such as buildings & furniture, game elements like weapons, gifts, arenas, and more with our Hard Surface 3D Modelling services.

Product Design

With our product design service, we make your product presentable. We craft, design, test, and deliver your product requirements with quality.

We have expertise in developing Virtual and Augmented reality applications to help users to interact with different elements and increase engagement with the application.

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AR App Development

Our Augmented Reality App development services help you to develop interactive applications to transform the customer’s experience.

VR App Development

Our Virtual Reality App development services help you to engage your audience with a digital environment with an amazing user interface simulating a real presence through senses.

MR App Development

Our Mixed Reality App development services combine the best features of Virtual and Augmented Reality to bring virtual elements of your application in real-time and space, making it look real.

Develop interactive presentations and display your projects to attract new customers and increase sales volumes with our Architectural Walkthrough, Projection Mapping, and 3D services.

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Architectural Walkthrough

With our Architectural walkthrough services, we help in the visualization of a project where you can design and check its interiors, buildings, objects, materials, light, texture, environment, and more.

Project 3D Visualisation

Project 3D Visualisation service is one of the most flexible tools used in the planning of projects, landscapes, materials, etc with 3D photorealistic images to increase conversion rate. It helps you to see a full-fledge 3D view of any building, landscape, etc.

AR/VR for Real-estate

With our Augmented and Virtual Reality Application, you can experience a live project like you are present in that area.

Projection Mapping

We have the expertise to create a perfect combination of graphics, sounds, light, and projection. Imbibed with the latest technology, our excellent motion graphics and 3D services create engaging shows for any occasion.