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who we are

Much more than just a digital studio, we’re a real-time development platform offering perfectly crafted, creative and innovative AR, VR, Android & iOS Gaming App Development Solutions that can enhance any business’s growth.

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our Products
Epiko Regal Mobile Game
Kathika Motion Comic
Story Book Comic

Creating an enticing game with outstanding graphics and mind-boggling sounds along with great user experience is What We Are!

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2D Game

We leverage on art and simple logic to design and develop stunning 2D Games which makes us unique and exclusive.

3D Game

Our impeccable 3D Game Development Solution is laser-focused to make captivating games.

Interface Designing

With a strong focus on user experience & engagement, we put our innovative ideas and tech expertise together to design highly interactive Games.

We create all kinds of bespoke animations and graphics that are helpful to visualize your products, services, architectural structure, brands and many more.

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We deliver high quality 2D animations for advertising banners, logos in web and many more.


Our 3D animation & graphics puts a prototype model before customers giving them an experience of how the product would look like.

Graphic Design

Our team of professional Graphic Designers are highly skilled at creating mesmerizing and eye captivating graphics.

WSS offers the most powerful visual experience to convey your brand’s message in a highly engaging and effective manner.

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Explainer Videos

Equivalent to saying or writing millions of words, a video attracts more client attention.

Animated Videos

We create animation videos with sync of your brand to convey messages.

Educational Videos

A great way to educate the audience about information and knowledge sharing.

Tutorial Videos

Instructional videos give a walk through for viewers about a product or service.

Internal Videos

Video communication with employees and stakeholders could potentially improve engagement.

Our expertise lies in developing ingenious market products with a perfect blend of design creativity and tech excellence for utmost satisfaction of clients.

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Product Design

WSS is ambitious and creates products with passion, tailored to project requirements.

Embrace the best of Augmented & Virtual Reality giving a realistic essence to your gaming app.

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AR App Development

Our AR solutions make games more interactive and entertaining for players.

VR App Development

Our rich experience in gaming helps us venture into VR production, allowing us to create a memorable experience for client products.

Transform your existing website & products into a fun & fascinating experience with our gamification solutions that fuel measurable business growth.

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Better Engagement

Audience can better resonate with content when platforms are boosted.

Instant Feedback

Company can receive real-time feedback from users or individuals while they get rewarded for contributing towards enhancement in a business process, etc.

Smooth Onboarding

Gamification allows hassle-free onboarding for a company or platform, thus giving an engaging experience to build a strong relationship with the audience.