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motion comic


First of a kind motion comics

Kathika is a digital motion comic, Design & Developed by Wharf Street Studios. It is a customized package of comic clips delivering a unique storyline inspired by legends. Kathika is a perfect blend of morals, entertainment, epics, and legendary characters to give our readers a reading experience with motion comics.

mobile game

Epiko Regal

Epiko Regal is a fast-paced brawler game designed & developed by Wharf Street Studios where players will have a face-off with each other to win trophies and earn points. The game is unique because of its characters which are inspired by eastern legends. The players will have a chance to collect digital collectibles and also get to experience Augmented and Virtual reality with the game. Secured by latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Epiko Regal is one game which will soon give you a whole new gaming experience.

  • launch Date: Coming Soon

story book

Epiko Story Book

Epiko story book is a visual presentation of multiple stories played by our characters. These stories are derived from many inspirational myths and legends. It will connect our players and readers with the game and comic by helping them trace the character's mythical origins.